• Off to the dance…

    From "THE 12 DANCING PRINCESSES" client: USTYME, Inc. digital 2015

  • Into the Wood

    Into the Wood (from THE TWELVE DANCING PRINCESS published by USTYME, Inc.)

  • Wonder

    Wonder: Ink: 2015

  • The Bird Feeder

    The Bird Feeder: Pencil/Digital: 2015

  • An Unlikely Duo

    An Unlikely Duo: Pencil; 2014

  • Firefly Twilight

    Firefly Twilight: Spread from picture book in progress: digital 2011

  • Juno’s Pod

    Juno's Pod, 2013, (iPad2 using Procreate app and Photoshop)

"What is done in love, is done well." Van Gogh