Illustration Friday: Ocean

Posted by on Jan 18, 2013 in illustration

He was born in the cold, deep waters of the North Pacific where the chinook salmon schooled.

He never knew loneliness or fear for he was never a even fin-length from his mother. She, along with his aunts and cousins, nurtured him with their songs, carrying him along on currents their bodies made by their sleek, black bodies in the icy deep.

His mother named him Juno, after the cruise ship they had followed on her journey to the calving grounds. It was nothing like the fishing boats with their nets that scraped the ocean floor. It sparkled on the water like the night sky made solid and set afloat.

Her eyes had never seen anything so beautiful, until she saw her little one.”



Illustration: 2013 pencil and digital, iPad2 using Procreate App
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