New Illustration (sketch to final)

Posted by on Mar 12, 2010 in blog, illustration, projects

I recently completed another cover for the SCBWI Mid-Atlantic Newsletter. This is for the Winter issue (even though we’re cruising into Spring at breakneck speed). I have a relative carte blanche for these covers, but I try to fit the zeitgeist of the season in a children’s illustration style theme. This winter, we’ve been watching the 2010 Winter Olympics play out in Canada with it’s inspiring stories and feats of athletic strength and grace. The figure skating has always been at the top of my list of must-watch Olympic features. I am amazed by the sprezzatura of the skaters, who practice their craft part art, part sport – from the time they begin to walk. The sheer joy they show on the ice is inspiring. In light of that, my illustration is a young skater, practicing on an icy pond, with flourish and finesse. I thought it would be fitting to herald the new issue as well as the finish of a great Winter Olympics.

Here’s the final sketch:


and here’s the final piece:

Skating Dreams

In it’s place on the cover of the Highlighter:

SCBWI Hilighter Winter 2010

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