Behind the Scenes…

Posted by on Dec 16, 2011 in blog, illustration

Here’s a little glimpse into my process for the Chicken Licken Illustration featured in the last post. After I read the story (or excerpt in this case) many times, I get a sense of where I want to go, visually, the feeling of the characters and their personalities and unique emotions that carry the overarching concept behind the words. I knew I had to create chickens, a goose, duck, and a turkey so I do lots of sketches of those animals from reference photos.

Reference sketches by Tami Traylor

Then I move on to thumbnails…they are VERY rough but they help me determine the composition and flow of a drawing


Then, once that’s nailed down, it’s on to the rough draft. You can see how things are coming together. This is where most of the issues of positive negative space, composition, and all the other big stuff gets ironed out. Then I move on to the final drawing where I work out all the bits and details that become my working drawing.

And here’s the final draft ready to be scanned and finished digitally.

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