Princesses, princesses everywhere…

Posted by on Dec 10, 2015 in illustration

Last spring I was approached to illustrate a picture book retelling of “The 12 Dancing Princesses” (written by Carly Graf) by the lovely folks at ustyme. They saw this painting that was at one time in my portfolio which I did in honor of Prince William and Princess Catherine’s wedding

They liked the mice in royal dress and they wanted me to create characters for the story in the form of mice…no problemo.

So I signed the contract and started sketching. Here are a few of the original character development images I created for that phase (they went with a little more simplified character design than these examples):


The book ultimately was designed  as an electronic-only piece, so all 22 pages and two unique covers were singular, not created as a spread. It was a little different drawing and designing for an e-publishing only book but I enjoyed the challenge.

I finished the book in the fall and it launched Dec 1, 2015! So it’s out there on the app for download.

Here are a couple illustrations from the final book:


If you do go out and buy it (it’s $1.99 on the ustyme app bookstore at the moment.) let me know what you think.

The folks at ustyme have been lovely to work with. My AD, Nick, a formidable illustrator in his own right, was such an encouraging and helpful creative partner. The app itself is a neat concept, especially if you travel and aren’t with your children at times and you want to do a face-time style read-to with them. It’s also really neat for grandparents who live a long distance from grandkids. The app allows a small window that utilizes the device’s camera and mic and you can interact FaceTime style as you read the book together. Technology is so great!

Until next post…